Documents for membership application

An applicant institution will be requested to provide the following documents and information to assist staff in making a recommendation to the Board of Directors with regard to establishment of a Visiting Committee, and for use by the Visiting Committee:

  1. A statement by the Executive Head of the applicant institution attesting that the institution satisfies the criteria for Institutional Membership in Universities Canada as set out in By-law Number One.
  2. If the applicant for membership is a constituent portion of a university, a letter of support from the parent institution.
  3. A copy of the statute or charter under which the institution operates.
  4. An outline of the governance structure including the composition of Board and Senate, and an organization chart of the institution’s administration.
  5. A statement of purposes consistent with the applicant institution’s mission and appropriate to an institution of higher education, and an outline of academic and fiscal plans for achieving these purposes.
  6. A statement that the institution conforms to principles of academic freedom and responsibility, academic integrity and the ownership of intellectual property.
  7. Information about the institution’s sources of financing and the size of its operating budget, including audited financial statements.
  8. A copy of the institution’s latest academic calendar.
  9. Sample course outlines representative of the institution’s programs.
  10. Enrolment figures for the previous two plus the current academic years, by student category (ie. undergraduate, graduate, full-time, part-time.)
  11. A list of academic staff indicating their qualifications.
  12. A summary report on the number of faculty peer-adjudicated publications and research grants.
  13. Information regarding the institution’s approach to reviewing and ensuring the quality of its academic programs.
  14. A copy of the faculty contract or memorandum of agreement.
  15. Information on the process for advertising faculty positions; on hiring, promotion and tenure policies; and on faculty reviews.
  16. Information about: the size of library holdings and the rate of annual increases, both in dollars and number of volumes; the proportion of operating budget assigned to library resources over the last three years; special strengths and weaknesses in the library collection in relation to the institution’s academic programs and research; library seating; and information re. electronic access.
  17. An undertaking, executed by an officer or officers of the applicant institution authorized to bind the institution, that the report of the Visiting Committee shall not give rise to an action in any court of competent jurisdiction against a member of the Visiting Committee or against Universities Canada. The Association will provide the template for this undertaking to an applicant institution.

One copy of this documentation and any additional material that the institution thinks would assist in the assessment of its application should be organized in a three-ring binder using the following as a guide to sub-sections of the binder:

  • Letter of application, Executive Head’s statement (see 1. above), institutional undertaking (see 17. above), and related documentation
  • Legislative authority (statute or charter), institutional history, mission statement, governance and administrative structure
  • Academic programs
  • Information relating to faculty (numbers, qualifications, research and publications, collective agreement or related documents, etc.)
  • Information relating to students (enrolments, facilities, academic support services, etc.)
  • Institutional finances (including tuition fees, operating and capital, and library budgets)
  • Library holdings and resources as they relate to the institution’s academic programs, research and scholarship

When the Association’s Board of Directors has reviewed the application and has decided to establish a Visiting Committee, four additional copies of the application and supporting documents will be required.