Global connections

Mature woman from India adjusting a head cover on a young Caucasion woman.

Canadian universities are committed to bringing the world to their students so they will develop the necessary skills for living and working in a global economy.

Universities back up this commitment by supporting study abroad, recruiting top international students, engaging in international research collaborations, bringing an international dimension to the curriculum, and participating in international development initiatives.

Canada’s future is increasingly being shaped by globally interconnected forces. To understand these global challenges, we need employees with knowledge of other countries and an ability to establish partnerships with colleagues from other countries. With more than 5,000 active partnerships with universities around the world, our universities are well-positioned to serve to enhance Canada’s leadership and influence in the world.

Canadian universities host more than 90 000 full-time international students, a growing trend but far below the numbers at United Kingdom and Australian universities. Canada sends only about 2.2 per cent of Canadian university students abroad for study and spends far less than other OECD countries on international experiences.

The international efforts of Canadian universities make an essential contribution to Canada’s international and domestic policy agenda.