Brazil engagement

Young Brazilian woman in front of older white cottages.Canada’s universities recognize the importance of Brazil’s growing economy and are looking to strengthen connections with this dynamic country. Brazilian universities offer high quality teaching and research. Canadian institutions are committed to expanding partnerships and developing relationships with universities in Brazil.

The Brazilian higher education sector is looking for more international exposure for its students. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff recently announced university scholarships for 75,000 Brazilian students to study abroad. Canada is ready to welcome these students.

In terms of our relationship with Brazil, Canada already enjoys a solid foundation on which to build. Excluding Mexico, Brazil is Canada’s largest merchandise trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean. Canadian investment in Brazil is more than twice as large as Canadian investment in India and China combined, at Cdn 11.4 billion in 2009. Brazilian investment in Canada was Cdn 14.8 billion.

Quick facts

  • In 2009 Brazil had 186 universities and 5,115,896 undergraduate students, and awarded more than 38,000 master’s degrees and about 11,000 PhDs.
  • From 2000 to 2006, there was a 232 percent increase in total university enrolments in Brazil.
  • Brazil places within the top 15 countries in the world and first in the Latin American region in terms of total scientific output, having produced more than 160,000 scientific documents in the last year.
  • Seven out of 10 of the most productive Latin American universities are Brazilian.
  • In 2010, Brazil published 2.9 percent of the world’s indexed papers.
  • From 2003-2007, Canada and Brazil produced 2,282 collaborative papers, representing 2 percent of Brazil’s total papers.
  • There are more than 110 active exchange agreements between Canadian and Brazilian universities.