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Name Title Department Extension Email
Sean McKinnon Systems Administrator Information Technology 207 smckinnon@univcan.ca
David Cuglietta Assistant Director, Information Technology Information Technology 269 dcuglietta@univcan.ca
Ian Thomson Database Administrator Information Technology 271 IThomson@univcan.ca
Lyne Millette Human Resources Officer Human Resources 217 lmillette@univcan.ca
Xavier Van de Maele Web Developer Information Management 322 XVandeMaele@univcan.ca
Jeanne Thibault Assistant Director, Communications Communications 236 jthibault@univcan.ca
Tara Siebarth Web Editor Editorial Services 304 TSiebarth@univcan.ca
Dick Seldenthuis Assistant Director, Publications Publications 200 dseldenthuis@univcan.ca
Philip Landon VP, Governance and Programs Office of the VP, Governance and Programs 215 PLandon@univcan.ca
Holly Batten Executive Coordinator Executive Office 341 HBatten@univcan.ca
Paul Davidson President and Chief Executive Officer Executive 232 pdavidson@univcan.ca
Léo Charbonneau Assistant Director, Editorial Services Editorial Services 323 lcharbonneau@univcan.ca
Appoline Kalonji Client Services Agent, Advertising and Circulation Publications 235 AKalonji@univcan.ca
Joanne Lalonde Chief Financial Officer Corporate Services 240 jlalonde@univcan.ca
MC Chartrand Payroll Officer Human Resources 283 mcchartrand@univcan.ca
Renée Mindus Publications Officer Publications 230 rmindus@univcan.ca
Jeanne Gallagher Manager, International Scholarships Partnerships and Programs 355 jgallagher@univcan.ca
Heather Cayouette Director Information Management 266 HCayouette@univcan.ca
Josee Gingras Administrative Assistant External Relations and Research 251 jgingras@univcan.ca
Glen Ashworth Marketing Communications Manager Publications 248 gashworth@univcan.ca
Anna Seifried Analyst, International Relations International Relations 234 ASeifried@univcan.ca
Melissa Bingöl-Phillips Programs Support Officer Partnerships and Programs 267 MPhillips@univcan.ca
Brenna Baggs Communications Manager Communications 255 BBaggs@univcan.ca
Donna Ducharme Administrative Assistant and Database Coordinator Executive Office 227 DDucharme@univcan.ca
Norah Lynn Paddock Researcher External Relations and Research 233 NLPaddock@univcan.ca
Janik Doiron Administrative Assistant Corporate Services 285 JDoiron@univcan.ca
Scott Lofquist-Morgan Senior Analyst Member Relations 213 SMorgan@univcan.ca
Sandra Boisvert Manager, Government Relations Government Relations 220 SBoisvert@univcan.ca
Sarah Vranckx Research and International Relations Officer Research and Policy 239 SVranckx@univcan.ca
Aïsha Dioury Social Impact Lead Partnerships and Programs 293 ADioury@univcan.ca
Lorraine Lacroix Client Services Agent, Advertising and Marketing Publications 205 LLacroix@univcan.ca
Natalie Samson Deputy Editor Editorial Services 289 NSamson@univcan.ca
Monique Racine Program Officer IDeA Partnerships and Programs 279 MRacine@univcan.ca
Natalie Lapierre Program Officer Partnerships and Programs 265 NLapierre@univcan.ca
Joseph Halbersma Policy Analyst Research and Policy 229 JHalbersma@univcan.ca
Cindy McIntyre Assistant Director, International Relations International Relations 246 CMcIntyre@univcan.ca
Wendy Therrien Director, External Relations and Research External Relations and Research 278 WTherrien@univcan.ca
Maxime Légaré Désilets Senior Business Systems Analyst Information Management 209 MDesilets@univcan.ca
Lydia Lalonde Translator Communications 243 LLalonde@univcan.ca
Jessica Simoneau Translator Communications 243 JSimoneau@univcan.ca
Diana Miller Acquisitions Technician Information Management 244 dmiller@univcan.ca
Joann Wylie Information Services Coordinator Information Management 247 jwylie@univcan.ca
Gwendolyn Moncrieff-Gould Government Relations Officer Government Relations 272 GGould@univcan.ca
Tom Heffernan Programs Finance Officer Corporate Services 262 theffernan@univcan.ca
Chalanne Matheson Office Coordinator Corporate Services 300 cmatheson@univcan.ca
Carol Beckford-Grant Finance Officer Corporate Services 350 cbeckfordgrant@univcan.ca
Antoinette Mensour Manager, Finance Corporate Services 223 AMensour@univcan.ca
Linda Balaton Program Assistant Team Lead Partnerships and Programs 256 lbalaton@univcan.ca
James Tom Clippings Clerk Information Management 204 jtom@univcan.ca
Judith Lacerte Senior Designer Publications 231 JLacerte@univcan.ca
Ginette Kerr Program Officer Partnerships and Programs 277 gkerr@univcan.ca
Gabrielle Leblanc Program Officer Team Lead Partnerships and Programs 259 GLeblanc@univcan.ca
Sahra Ali Manager, Accounting Corporate Services 311 SAli@univcan.ca
Jeffrey Gleeson Program Assistant Partnerships and Programs 225 JGleeson@univcan.ca
Thiago Rocha Program Officer Partnerships and Programs 206 TRocha@univcan.ca
Geneviève Legault Translation Manager Communications 273 glegault@univcan.ca
Nathalie Pasdeloup Office Assistant Corporate Services 222 NPasdeloup@univcan.ca
Caroline Flocari Analyst, International Relations International Relations 257 CFlocari@univcan.ca
Dawn Jeffrey Senior Government Relations Officer Government Relations 268 djeffrey@univcan.ca
Louise Tardif Executive Assistant Executive 232 LTardif@univcan.ca
Maddie-Lee Brooks Accounts Payable Specialist Finance 214 mbrooks@univcan.ca
Graham Barber Business Development Officer Scholarship Partners Canada 281 GBarber@univcan.ca
Michael McDonald Government Relations Specialist External Relations and Research 258 MMcDonald@univcan.ca
Hanna Jevne Policy Officer Government Relations 352 HJevne@univcan.ca
Emily Kathen Communications Officer Communications 263 EKathen@univcan.ca
Alexis St-Cyr Meeting Planner Member Relations 226 ASt-Cyr@univcan.ca
Lindsay Carlton Outbound Mobility Program Lead Partnerships and Programs 288 lcarlton@univcan.ca
Kim Glithero Human Resources Manager Human Resources 290 KGlithero@univcan.ca
Sarah-Jade Pauley Member Relations Agent Member Relations 202 SPauley@univcan.ca
Brian Pepin Senior Government Relations Officer Government Relations 274 bpepin@univcan.ca
Virginia Revenco Program Officer RBC Scholarship Partners Canada 265 VRevenco@univcan.ca
Alison Evans Director, Communications Communications 238 AEvans@univcan.ca
Jenny Gu Accounts Payable Specialist Corporate Services 228 JGu@univcan.ca
Laura Beaulne-Stuebing Digital Journalist Editorial Services 264 LStuebing@univcan.ca
Soham Nene Business Systems Analyst Information Management 250 SNene@univcan.ca
Julie Desjardins Manager, Scholarship Partners Canada Partnerships and Programs 233 JDesjardins@univcan.ca
Wayne Norman Business Systems Analyst Information Management 252 WNorman@univcan.ca
Marie-Claude Paquin Office Assistant/Receptionist Corporate Services 260 MPaquin@univcan.ca
Andréanne Apablaza French Writer/Reviser Publications and Communications 301 AApablaza@univcan.ca
Johan Capo-chichi - - 284 JCapo@univcan.ca
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