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Name Title Department Extension Email
Aïsha Paquette-Dioury Social impact lead Partnerships and programs 293
Sarah Vranckx Research and International Relations Officer External Relations and Research 239
Sarah-Jade Pauley Member Relations Coordinator Member relations 202
Jenny Gu Accounts Payable Specialist Corporate services 228
Virginia Revenco Program Officer Scholarship Partners Canada 265
Kim Glithero Human Resources Manager Corporate services 290
Brian Pépin Senior government relations officer Government relations 274
Alison Evans Director, Communications Communications 238
Alexis St-Cyr Meeting planner Member relations 266
Norah Lynn Paddock Researcher External Relations and Research 233
Emily Kathen Digital communications officer Communications 263
Anna Seifried Analyst International Relations 234
Sandra Boisvert Manager, government relations Government relations 220
Lindsay Carlton Social impact lead Member relations 288
Judith Lacerte Senior Designer University Affairs and Publications 231
Michael McDonald Government Relations Specialist Government relations 258
Hanna Jevne Research analyst External Relations and Research 239
Graham Barber Business development officer Partnerships and programs 281
Janik Doiron Administrative assistant Corporate services 285
Oum Essalah Taoutaou Accounting officer Corporate services 208
Patrick Mallory IT support specialist Corporate services 276
Amanda Brown Program assistant Scholarship Partners Canada 221
MC Chartrand Payroll officer Corporate services 283
Louise Tardif Executive assistant Office of the president 232
Gwendolyn Moncrieff-Gould Government relations officer Government relations 272
Maxime Légaré Désilets Program support officer Partnerships and programs 209
Dawn Jeffrey Senior Government Relations Officer Government relations 268
Cate Lawrence Research officer Partnerships and programs 254
Caroline Flocari Analyst International Relations 257
Thiago Rocha Program officer External Relations and Research 252
Melissa Bingöl-Phillips Program Support Officer Partnerships and programs 267
Appoline Kalonji Client services agent (advertising and circulation) University Affairs and Publications 235
Jessica Simoneau Translator Communications 243
Pascale Castonguay French writer and reviser Communications 280
Wendy Therrien Director External Relations and Research 278
Lorraine Lacroix Client services agent (advertising and marketing) Government relations 205
Ian Thomson Database administrator Corporate services 271
Rosella Chibambo Digital content creator Communications 275
Joseph Halbersma Policy analyst External Relations and Research 229
Julia Scott Manager, Scholarship Partners Canada Scholarship Partners Canada 218
Cindy McIntyre Assistant director International Relations 246
Xavier Van de Maele Web developer Web services 322
Tom Heffernan Programs finance officer Corporate services 262
Sean McKinnon Systems administrator Corporate services 207
Scott Lofquist Morgan Senior analyst Member relations 213
Sahra Ali Manager accounting Corporate services 311
Renée Mindus Publications officer University Affairs and Publications 230
Philip Landon Vice-president Governance and programs 215
Paul Davidson President and chief executive officer Office of the president 232
Pari Johnston Vice-president Policy and public affairs 253
Nathalie Pasdeloup Office assistant Corporate services 222
Natalie Samson Senior writer University Affairs and Publications 289
Monique Racine Issues coordinator Governance and programs 241
Monique DesLauriers Director Human resources 309
Lyne Millette Human resources officer Human resources 217
Linda Balaton Program assistant team lead Scholarship Partners Canada 256
Léo Charbonneau Editor, University Affairs University Affairs and Publications 323
Josée Gingras Administrative assistant Policy and public affairs 251
Justin Perrier Scholarship systems analyst Partnerships and programs 250
Joanne Lalonde Chief financial officer Corporate services 240
Joann Wylie Library technician Communications 247
Jeffrey Gleeson Program assistant Scholarship Partners Canada 225
Jeanne Thibault Assistant director, communications Communications 236
Jeanne Gallagher Manager, International scholarships Partnerships and programs 355
James Tom Communications clerk Communications 204
Holly Batten Executive coordinator Governance and programs 341
Heather Cayouette Director, Programs and information management Partnerships and programs 266
Glen Ashworth Marketing communications manager University Affairs and Publications 248
Ginette Kerr Program officer Scholarship Partners Canada 277
Geneviève Legault Translation manager Communications 273
Gabrielle Leblanc Program officer team lead Scholarship Partners Canada 259
Donna Ducharme Administrative assistant and Database coordinator Governance and programs 227
Dick Seldenthuis Assistant director, publications University Affairs and Publications 200
Diana Miller Acquisitions technician, Information centre Communications 244
David Cuglietta Assistant director, Information technology Corporate services 269
Darlene Moll Assistant director Member relations 249
Claire Millington Senior policy analyst External Relations and Research 303
Chalanne Matheson Office coordinator Corporate services 300
Cécile Joly Receptionist Corporate services 260
Caroline Lachance Manager, Research and policy External Relations and Research 242
Carol Beckford-Grant Finance officer Corporate services 350
Tara Siebarth Web editor, University Affairs University Affairs and Publications 304
Antoinette Mensour Manager, Finance Corporate services 223
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