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University facts

  • $35B

    As a $35 billion enterprise in direct expenditures, universities are significant drivers of economic prosperity. They provide employment for close to 250,000 people.

    Source: Statistics Canada, Financial Information of Universities and Colleges Survey and Labour Force Survey, 2014.
  • 1.7M
    students at Canadian universities in 2016

    There were 1,016,000 full-time students and 290,000 part-time students in 2016.

    Source: Universities Canada estimates, 2016.
  • 1.6M
    new jobs

    Between March 2008 and March 2017, 1,574,200 new jobs were created for university graduates – almost three times those created for graduates of all other types of postsecondary education combined.

    Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, 2008-2017.

Presidents' perspective

Demand for liberal arts graduates


People criticize the liberal arts because they think … our graduates aren’t employable.

But in fact, in 2008, when the economic difficulties struck, the people who were employed in Canada were 95 percent of engineering graduates, 94 percent of health profession graduates and 91 percent of liberal arts graduates, social science and humanities graduates.

And if you ask employers about the skills they want, they want exactly those skills which the liberal arts provide.

They teach student to think critically and creatively, to weigh evidence sceptically, to look at more than one perspective or one side of every question.

The late Steve Jobs said, you know, when he unveiled the last piece of technology before he passed, he said that it’s not technology alone, but technology married with the liberal arts that produces the results that makes our hearts sing.

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