Canada’s Universities’ Commitments to Canadians

October 28, 2015
Female researcher working in a lab.

Universities transform lives, communities our country and the world. Canadian universities enhance the quality of life of all Canadians through economic, social and cultural innovation. The following commitments of Canada’s universities were launched in October 2015:

  1. To equip all students with the skills and knowledge they need to flourish in work and life, empowering them to contribute to Canada’s economic, social and intellectual success.
  2. To pursue excellence in all aspects of learning, discovery and community engagement.
  3. To deliver a broad range of enriched learning experiences.
  4. To put our best minds to the most pressing problems – whether global, national, regional or local.
  5. To help build a stronger Canada through collaboration and partnerships with the private sector, communities, government and other educational institutions in Canada and around the world.

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