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October 16, 2017
Un chercheur et une chercheuse travaillent des formules mathématiques sur du plexiglas.

The problem

Canada is not keeping pace with other countries. In terms of research intensity, we have slipped relative to our international peers, to the point where we no longer rank in the top 30 nations worldwide. And over the past decade, federal support for fundamental research has fallen by about 35 per cent, leaving Canada trailing behind other OECD countries.

The solution

The Fundamental Science Review Advisory Panel – composed of nine eminent Canadians – has laid out a road map of the urgent need for reinvestment in Canada’s research ecosystem. The Naylor report, as it is known, needs action. That’s why Canada’s universities are calling for the government to commit its full support to the report’s recommendations, over a multi-year period, starting in Budget 2018.

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