Equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives at Canadian universities

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Academica Group explores accessibility on Canadian campuses

With support from StudentVu — a national student research panel that delivers quality, data-driven results — Academica Group explored key issues on accessibility on Canadian university campuses in 2017.

Among the findings, StudentVu panelists identifying as men were less likely to say they had a disability (particularly related to mental health) than those who identified as women or other. Panelists identifying as men who also identified as having a disability were less likely than other groups to say the disability had affected their academic life, or that they had sought out resources or accommodations.

Further, panelists identifying as men expressed stronger agreement with placing limitations on disability-related accommodations than those identifying as women or other. They also identified more strongly with the notion that academic accommodations for those with disabilities constitutes an unfair advantage.  And they were more likely to say their school was tolerant toward disability-related accommodations, as well as tolerant with respect to race and sexual orientation.

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September 6, 2018
Universities Canada