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Faculty of education at University of Manitoba adopts diversity admissions policy

After nearly four years of consultations, the faculty of education at the University of Manitoba approved a policy to encourage more diversity in enrolment in 2016.

The policy aims to admit up to 45 percent of students (or about 110 of 245 places) who identify in five equity-seeking groups: Indigenous, Métis or Inuit (15 percent); person with a disability (7.5 percent); LGBTQ (7.5 percent); racialized minority (7.5 percent); or socially disadvantaged (7.5 percent).

The percentage allocated to each group is an enrolment target rather than a quota. Any unfilled spaces in one group are reallocated to the other groups to achieve the highest possible diversity of students. Finally, any remaining unfilled spots for diversity will be reallocated to the general pool, thereby filling all remaining admission spaces.

Following a backlash from faculty, students and donors, the faculty engaged in an outreach campaign to support the policy and foster conversations about why diversity matters.

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September 6, 2018
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