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Identity Matters report prompts the development of the Stride program for diversity in student governance at the University of Alberta

From 2010-2014, no female students served on the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union Executive team.  In 2017, the Students’ Union conducted a study to examine the effect of identity on desire and confidence to seek elected office in student government and how identity affects one’s experience serving in elected office. The resulting report, which considers the intersections of gender, race, and sexual orientation in seeking and holding elected office, outlines six key findings.

In response to these findings, the Stride program was created at the Students’ Union. This is a “campaign school” that aims to encourage greater participation in student governance from women and non-binary students of all backgrounds. The program offers a cohort of students support for running in an election, as well as skills development and networking strategies.

The University of Prince Edward Island Student Union is also offering a one-day workshop on student politics for those from under-represented groups inspired by Stride.

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Identity Matters report, September 2017

December 18, 2018
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