Equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives at Canadian universities

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SSHRC-funded scholars push for a deeper look at how race and racism play out on university campuses

A comprehensive, data-based study of racialized and Indigenous faculty members’ experiences in Canadian universities is calling for a stronger examination of equitable practices on campus.

The Equity Myth: Racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian Universities, released in 2017, examines the current state of equity, diversity and inclusion at Canadian universities and questions how present policies have served underrepresented groups. Finding that conditions have not improved as much as assumed, the authors make several policy recommendations.

“Visible minority professors are both under-represented among the professoriate and earn lower wages. Comparison over time has shown that the degree of under-representation of visible minorities among the professoriate has not improved and has likely gotten worse. The earnings of visible minority professors are on the whole lower than those of their white counterparts despite controlling for variations in other factors,” write the authors of The Equity Myth.

Recognizing that existing policies may be ineffective, providing space for new forms of knowledge, and collecting data are among the recommendations given in the book.

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