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Universities across Canada make way for the “non-traditional” student

Universities across Canada are striving to help students with a wider range of life experiences, expectations and challenges than in previous generations. Many universities are responding to this new norm with programs to help them through a system that wasn’t historically built to accommodate such complexity.

Programs like the Black Student Advising Centre at Dalhousie and the Aboriginal Student Access Program at the University of Calgary help build networks for students from underrepresented groups. These programs often provide students with leadership and mentorship opportunities that strengthen learning, build confidence and allow for a greater range of perspectives in the classroom.

“Whether they are older, work full-time, have a disability, are a single parent, first-generation or Indigenous … the non-traditional student is becoming the new normal,” said the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.

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Universities make way for the “non-traditional” student, 2018

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Spanning the Gaps

October 15, 2018
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