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University of Alberta appoints feminist scholar as Canada 150 Research Chair

In April 2019, the University of Alberta welcomed its first Canada 150 Research Chair for a seven-year appointment with Women’s and Gender Studies and Digital Humanities. Australian researcher Deb Verhoeven is a leading scholar in the emerging field of gender and cultural informatics — a field that combines digital technology, big data, cultural forms and social justice. Her research aims to create an open-linked, open-data knowledge base of feminist content through an inclusive and pro-ethical approach.

Verhoeven’s appointment is in keeping with the university’s goal to be a globally recognized leader in Intersectionality — an analytical approach that views complex social problems through a gender lens. As a signature area, Intersections of Gender is part of the university’s strategic plan (For the Public Good). Led by four principal researchers, it complements existing equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives and research on campus.

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Appointment of Canada 150 Research Chair

May 24, 2019
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