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University of Prince Edward Island introduces all-gender washrooms

The University of Prince Edward Island opened multi-user all-gender washrooms on the main levels of two buildings in March 2018.

The washrooms themselves haven’t changed, but the signage now indicates that a person of any gender is welcome to use it. Previously, UPEI had re-designated several single-user washrooms across campus to be all-gender. However, the new spaces will be the first multi-stall washrooms in public areas that have been converted for all-gender use.

For the UPEI Student Union, these expanding options show the university respects everyone’s right to choose the washroom that is appropriate for them. To promote greater awareness about all-gender washrooms, the Robertson Library partnered with Diversity and Social Justice Studies to present “Toilet Training (Law and Order in the Bathroom),” a documentary that surveys the policing of gender in restrooms, and the persistent discrimination, harassment, and violence towards people who are gender non-conforming.

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September 6, 2018
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