About QES 2017

QES 2017 is the third call for proposals for the QES and builds on the success of the program by funding international internships for Canadian students as well as funding Canadian-based study/research for international students. Twenty projects have been funded as part of the QES 2017 call for proposal, which is expected to engage approximately 650 scholars.

University Coordinators

The following section provides important information as well as the reporting templates for Canadian universities.

QES-2017 Handbook for Canadian universities

The QES-2017 Handbook for Canadian Universities expands upon the terms and conditions outlined in the Contribution Agreement and is designed to help Canadian universities understand the requirements of the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships – 2017 program (QES-2017). Project coordinators should review each section carefully.  

Reporting requirements

Please submit all reports to qes2017@univcan.ca. Annual narrative report: As part of the funding agreement, an annual report (narrative) must be submitted via the portal no later than April 30, 2019. The template is currently available in the QES Portal.

  • Partner Report: Partner institution(s) must complete the form and return it to their Canadian partner institution. Attach one report from each partner institution, active during the reporting period, to the University annual narrative report.
  • Financial report: The Financial Report template allows for continuous reporting on the same document, until the end of the project.



Universities Canada