Camille Lavoie

2021 Weston Family Awards in Northern Research recipient

Picture of Camille Lavoie

PhD candidate
Université Laval

Camille’s main field of interest is marine ecology of the polar regions. The Université Laval PhD candidate works as a member of the ArcticKelp research team, focusing on the study of kelp forests in the Canadian Arctic. Her objective is to describe and understand how these giant algae help support marine life in coastal areas spared by or below the ice.

Canada is such a vast country with an extraordinary polar biodiversity which mostly relies on marine habitats. It was only recently that lush kelp forests hosting schools of mysids and polar cods were discovered along Arctic coastlines, and there is much to learn about them. Camille hopes that her work might contribute to our understanding and appreciation of the biodiversity around this peculiar feature of our polar regions.

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