Erika Nissen

2021 Weston Family Awards in Northern Research recipient

Picture of Erika Nissen

Master’s student
University of Windsor

As long as she can remember, Erika has loved being outdoors and interacting with nature. Now a master’s student of Science at the University of Windsor, she feels fortunate to explore the Arctic for her research project on common eiders at East Bay Island (Mitivik) field station within Qaqsaugtuug (East Bay) Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Nunavut.

Her research examines how female birds spend their time as they prepare to lay their eggs, how changing ice conditions impact their breeding success, and what areas in and around the study site are important habitats for birds. By using small GPS tracking units attached to study birds, Erika hopes by answering these questions she can aide the development of a Marine Protected Area around Southampton Island, Nunavut.

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