Jérémie Boucher Fontaine

2021 Weston Family Awards in Northern Research recipient

Picture of Jérémie Boucher Fontaine

Master’s student
Université Laval

Jérémie, a Université Laval graduate student, is part of an ongoing effort to understand various factors that affect marine ecosystem biodiversity. Jérémie’s original research in benthic diversity studied the impact of melting glaciers in West Greenland. His master’s research is now focused on the microbiota of blue mussels. More specifically, this research examines spatial and temporal heterogeneity and the effects of multiple stressors, in order to develop a broader understanding of the defining characteristics of microbiota. The microbiome is poorly understood, but it is critical to the health of organisms, and can be used as a proxy for the health of mussels and an indicator of thriving ecosystems.

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