Melanie-Louise Leblanc

2021 Weston Family Awards in Northern Research recipient

Picture of Melanie-Louise Leblanc

Postdoctoral fellow
The University of British Columbia

Melanie is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on assessing Canada goose habitat use along the eastern coast of James Bay, Canada, in partnership with Cree hunters.

She is looking to determine the extent to which individual Canada geese forage between marine and terrestrial biomes and evaluate the relationship between diet and body condition of geese. This study is part of the Coastal Habitat Comprehensive Project, a large multi-disciplinary research program that aims to better understand the current state of coastal habitats along the eastern coast of James Bay and assess the impact of the current state of these habitats on waterfowl presence and, subsequently, Cree hunting activities.

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