Les bénéfices durables des études à l’étranger

2 novembre 2016


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Text on screen: [Santa Ono, President, The University of British Colombia]

Text on screen: [The lasting dividends of study abroad]

Sana Ono: If you have the initiative to actually leave your home country, your university, and go thousands of miles away, and to actually take that challenge, which is not always easy, and succeed, it demonstrates something about your grit and your ability to face different situations and to thrive. And that kind of indicator is probably the strongest indicator of future success, even more than one’s academic performance while in university. It’s an incredibly powerful experience. It’s something that’s long lasting. If you speak to alumnae, they often say that that experience in a different country was really transformational, and it was something that contributed to their satisfaction but also had dividends for the rest of their life.

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Santa Ono, recteur de la UBC, soutient que prendre l’initiative d’aller étudier à l’étranger est un bon indicateur de la réussite future d’un étudiant et offre une expérience transformatrice durable.

Vidéo et transcription disponibles en anglais seulement.

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