Une application pour téléphone intelligent qui améliore la santé des Canadiens

2 août 2016


Text on screen: [Celebrating Canada’s Research Excellence: A Smartphone App to Improve the Health of Canadians]

Maryam Sadeghi: I learned that skin cancer is the most common cancer. I learned that 70 percent of skin cancers are found by patients themselves or their family members, and I was shocked how archaic was the system. There was nothing digital. Everything was paper-based. They placed dots on the paper for moles. I was like you should document this properly. This is easy. And as a scientist, it didn’t make sense for me not to have it.

So I decided to start building the system, the solution for them. And it’s very rewarding when you see what you’ve built is being used in cancer centres and thousands of patients and dermatologists and oncologists.

Text on screen: [Universities Canada logo, The Voice of Canada’s Universities]

Maryam Sadeghi, scientifique à la Simon Fraser University, explique pourquoi elle a créé Molescope, une application novatrice qui permet aux utilisateurs de suivre les nævus potentiellement cancéreux.

Vidéo et transcription disponibles en anglais seulement

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